about adrienne

The very first time I was told I was a writer was by my third-grade teacher, Mrs. Zweig. But the first time I believed her was in fourth grade when I wrote a poem of retribution to the class bully for tearing the pages out of my math book. Even the principal paid me a compliment before giving me detention.

Writing is a sanctuary for a solitary soul—an opportunity to leave this life and tell the story of someone else’s. Fact or fiction. I have found myself transfixed, creating heroes and building the walls of a fantasy world with the keys of my laptop. The sun goes down, the coffee is poured, the sweater is donned, and I am gone. I am following the breadcrumbs of something waiting to be chiseled out of the storm of words swirling around in my head. And good grief, do I love it.

Above all other inspirations, I am enraptured by the human spirit and the potential in all of us to change the course of history by opening our minds to what it is that lives inside of us and connects us to everything else on this planet and beyond. In the past, I’ve loved to tackle this quite literally by discussing spiritual, cultural and social issues, particularly as they relate to women. But my favorite thing to do is to explore these aspects in fictional characters.

I have enjoyed immensely the opportunity to share my writing with the readers of Darling Magazine in print and online at the Darling blog. I also had the incredible opportunity to serve as a writer, assistant editor, and member of the creative team for The Pink Room, an Emmy Award-winning documentary investigating child sex trafficking in Cambodia.

These days I am fully immersed in the imaginary worlds of my true love—my young adult speculative fiction manuscripts. I am represented by Barbara Poelle at the Irene Goodman Agency and my debut novel, THE SKY IN THE DEEP will be published in 2018 by Wednesday Books. It will be followed by a second book in 2019.